About my sheep

flock-of-sheep.pngI keep a small flock of Jacob sheep on our farm which are a lovely breed to keep. They are hardy, they lamb easily, make very good mothers and most importantly of all they have the most amazing fleeces, with so many different colours. I really love the textures and tones of this gorgeous wool. I spin all the wool myself and it is completely natural with no chemicals, dyes or bleaches used. Although not organic I raise these wonderful animals in the most environmentally sound manner that I can.

To provide this gorgeous wool, I tend to the sheep; I take care of their health and needs. I let them graze freely all spring, summer and autumn, in the winter I feed them extra meal and hay to keep them in the best health as possible before they have their lambs.

I have a shearer who comes once a year. Once the wool is shorn, I remove any dirty and unwanted wool, make sure it is completely dry and then carefully roll each fleece up and put into individual breathable, I then place lavender oil in to keep out moths. When I am ready to spin a particular fleece I remove it from the bag check it to make sure it is perfect. I then spin it straight off the fleece, I randomly pick up the wool a handful at a time to spin this creates the unique tones, shades and patterns in the wool, which make each hank sheep-shearing.pngunique. After a few hanks have been spun I then careful soak the hanks in warm water and a small amount of mild detergent overnight, I then rinse it carefully again and then hang it out in the fresh air to dry. When you use this wool is creates natural stripes and shades throughout your project. To make a hank of wool, I spin two individual bobbins and then spin the two back together; it can take up to three hours per 100g. The wool is fairly chunky the knitting needles I use range from 5mm up to 15mm. All the wool is sold in 100g hanks if you would like the measurement in yards please contact me and I will let you know.

As all the wool is individually spun; when you look at, or purchase a hank of wool you can see on my web site a picture of the sheep it came from. Each wool tag has the name of the particular sheep too

I also knit, crochet, weave and make felt with this gorgeous wool. So please check out my accessories too. As all the wool is so individual and I can only spin one fleece at a time the wool and accessories in my shop will constantly be changing so do please keep looking if at first you can`t find what you are looking for.

I take as much care as possible when photographing the wool, but the colour might vary slightly to what you see on your screen.



sorting-fleeces-2_0_0.png The price for postage is for standard post only, there is still a proof of postage receipt but. This is NOT registered post and if you require it, please contact me. and I can give you the cost of sending it registered. Thanks.

I take as much care as possible when posting your items but cannot be held responsible if it gets lost. 
All weights are approximate

all prices exclude VAT and custom charges, if in doubt please check with your postal. /courier service/

I`m also a member of the etsy Ireland team, which is proud to promote all Irish crafts.

Thanks, Rebecca