About us

Rebecca-spinning-3.pngI keep a small flock of Jacob sheep on my small holding, in the lovely County Mayo, although not strictly organic, I raise these gorgeous sheep in as natural environment as possible.

From me you can purchase my individually hand spun Jacob sheep wool and experience its wonderful, unique, natural colour schemes. All the wool is completely natural with no chemicals, bleaching, or dying. Each fleece is individually spun by me, with the minimum amount of handling. The wool is washed just once so it retains as much of its natural oil as possible. As with all natural things there are several shades within one fleece, therefore no two hanks are exactly alike. When using this beautiful wool it produces its own subtle stripy pattern, which can only enhance the item you wish to knit or crochet. I can only spin one fleece at a time, so the wool variety and quantity will constantly be changing. When you purchase wool from me you can usually see the sheep its come from.

I sell our lambs freezer ready or cute and cuddly!! 
I also attend local heritage days, agricultural events and craft fairs and demonstrate spinning this wool, I also take a selection of fleeces and spinning equipment and accessories I use. I also have a stall selling my wool and other textiles I produce.